Area analysis
Area analysis

Projekt A115
Project A115

Cross-town link
Cross-town link


Isophone map
Isophone map
Construction supervision
Construction supervision

Construction supervision
Construction supervision

Longitudinal rutting
Longitudinal rutting
Asphalt roads damage - Bitumen ascending to surface
Ascending bitumen

Latest moment of intervention and kind of solution
Ascending bitumen
Serviceability analysation of an slib road

Underground Work and Road Construction


  • Autobahn, motorways, highways
  • Administrative district, township and communal roads
  • City and urban roads
  • Pedestrian areas, bicyle lanes
  • Infrastructure renovation, housing shemes
  • Grade-seperated junctions, roundabouts, bypasses
  • Lay-bys, petrol stations
  • Pavements for businessparks, industrial areas, driveways and container yards
  • Airport pavements e.g. runways

Service Phases according to HOAI (German System)

  1. Basic evaluation
  2. Preliminary Planning
  3. Blueprint planning
  4. Approval planning
  5. Implementation planning
  6. Preparation for award of contract
  7. Participation in award of contract
  8. Site management
  9. Ongoing servicing and documentation

Special Services

  • Dimensioning of superstructures
  • Operation and maintenance friendly planning
  • Digital planning documents
  • Immission investigation
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Special solutions in earth-works and drainage
  • Public relations
  • Road safety audits / inspections

Pavement Management

  • For single objects and networks
  • Recording, preparing and maintaining of data
  • Surveying of remaining structures
  • Damage-cost analysis
  • Developing of planning and maintenance concepts
  • Assessing remaining useful life time
  • Developing of damage-solution rule type
  • Visulization (e.g. map illustration)



  • Measuring and dimensioning
  • Assessments of civil engineering issues
  • Cases of damage
  • Maintenance and remaining structures