Analysation of transverse unevenness
New quality standards

Civil Engineering Planning and Consulting Tasks

Consulting during Offer Phase

  • Traffic routing concepts for extension and new construction
  • Engineering structures in connection with roads
  • Pavement planning (superstructure, earth-works, drainage)
  • Dimensioning of superstructure
  • Maintenance and operation concept
  • Quality-management concept

Consulting during Construction

  • Traffic routing during construction
  • Engineering structures in connection with roads
  • Pavement constructing (superstructure, earth-works, drainage, equipping and signage)
  • Quality-management to ensure the input variables for dimensioning of superstructure
  • Construction supervision and site management
  • Documentation and adjustment for maintenance planning

Consultation during Operation and Maintenance Time

  • Operation concept
  • Monitoring of routes
  • Traffic routing during maintenance and operation procedures
  • Maintenance concept / structural maintenance
  • Recording of road surface conditions and damages
  • Assessing of those conditions and damages
  • Predicting of road surface condition-progression
  • List of solutions for immediate correction of damages
  • Optimization of comming corrections
  • Coordinated maintenance
  • Quality monitoring during correction
  • Documentation and updating of maintenance concepts