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Basis data
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Material and construction parameters
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Software for pavement dimensioning

AWDSTAKO (method from Pfeifer/Villaret) is a dimensioning software for concrete pavements exclusive developed and sold by Villaret Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.

It has been developed within an research assignment for the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs(BMVBS) under supervison of the German Federal Highway Research Institute(Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen).

System developer is Dr. Lissi Pfeifer, Berlin. Subcontractors are Dipl.-Ing. A. Kiehne, Dresden(informatics) and Dipl. Ing. S. Villaret, Hoenow. Further development takes place under direction of Dipl. Ing. S. Villaret.

Application areas

AWDSTAKO is able to calculate the needed dimension of concrete pavements by using the structure according to RStO (German superstucture guideline) for concrete pavements(public pavements, container storing positions and special transport/traffic areas).

Further application areas are heavy load pavements e.g. factory driveways. If the dimensioning of the pavement is set e.g. adding of single lanes to multiple-lane divided roads, is AWDSTAKO able to calculate the demands on material and construction. Variable services of life and exploitation methods can be considered e.g. for road works, construction sites and diversions. Everywhere where important agents are not considered in superstructure guidelines is AWDSTAKO the optimal solution to calculate the in your case needed pavement dimension.

Structure and Material

Variable superstructure dimensions depending on traffic load, split tensile strength and lane width are considered.

AWDSTAKO is also able to incorporate different subbases and deductive influences on slab beddings.

Possible executions:

  • with geotextile-fleece on subbase using hydraulic binding material
  • on gravel subbase
  • on bituminous subbase
  • on pebble subbase

Furthermore enable changeable arrangements of achors and slab geometrie the user to consider consequential effects.(eg difference between longitudinal joint and long. edge evidence )


AWDSTAKO calculates the needed dimension of concrete pavements by using parameters (boundary conditions) to prevent over and insufficient dimensioning, unnecessary expenses and early failure.

Exemplary account

Example for an "Autobahn" with 30 years of serviable lifetime:

  • heavy traffic loading: 10,000 lorries/day
  • bituminous subbase
  • superstructure material: StC 30/37 - 3,7N / mm²
  • slab geometrie: 5m length 4,5m width with dowels and anchors

Inscribtion of parameters via 4 input masks for:

  • project data
  • base data
  • traffic data
  • material and construction parameters

Afterwards are the calculated 6 itemizations as well as the calculated needed dimensioning - according to the parameters - in mask 5.1 and 5.2 indicated.


The actuall version AWDSTAKO 1.4. can be ordered by us since 11.12.2006.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us via e-mail or visit our contact page for further information. We will answer immediately and submit you an offer.