Input and classification
Mask 1: Input and classification
Filtration of network
Mask 2: Filter

Transformation of network data
Mask 3: Transformation network data

Transformation of technical data
Mask 4: Transformation technical data
Specific definitions of user before transformation of superstructure data
Mask 5: Superstructure
Grouping of sections if selected technical data is identic
Mask 6: Homogeneous sections

Present Proceeding

German administrations are using the pavement mangament system VIAPMS™ to maintain their road networks systematically.

Economical and effective planning of maintenance systems for road networks (e.g. depenting on actual and prospective conditions) are basis for a sucessfull maintenance program for concessionaires too.

The Pavement Management System (PMS) VIAPMSTM needs an input data DT2699 which is converted out of an Access©-database via the modul VIAEDIT (by SEP / BHI).

To create this Access©-database from data of the Straßeninformationsbank(SIB) (road information pool) are at the moment no automatic algorithms available. Therefore is laborious personnel work needed to create those Access©-databases.

Fields of Application

  • automatic transformation of SIB data from Access©-database to DT2699 via VIAEDIT
  • fast, effective creation of Access©-database for VIAEDIT


The modul has a three particled structure:

  • preparation to transform data
  • transformation
  • output

The preparation includes:

  • choosing of source (database which contains the SIB-data)
  • linking of column titles
  • reation of output tables which are later automatically transfered to VIAEDIT
  • filter out the desired road network

Transformation of:

  • network data (order of intersections, administration data)
  • technical data (superstructure, profile)

Furthermore is the user required to define some general structures of the pavement (e.g. for superstructure data) which have an influence on the data transformation.

Conversion and some logical checking takes place automatically.


Realization will be finished soon.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us via e-mail or visit our contact page for further information. We will answer immediately and submit you an offer.